Our Focus

We strive to teach our Young Sirs the following skills: communication, teamwork and leadership, peer pressure and refusal, conflict resolution, and relationship building.


We offer a continual exploration and understanding of male roles from an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on men as workers, friends, lovers, and fathers.


We teach strive to show our Young Sirs a sense of stability through hands-on learning and interactive mentoring and educational sessions.

Our History

Fathers Mentoring Sons was founded in 2015 to help combat the alarming crime rates in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding Low Country through a specialized, targeted mentoring program for the young males within our communities. We strive to create new opportunities and understanding for our Young Sirs which may have previously been unavailable due to absence of parental figures, barriers, prejudices, or simply the disbelief that they are a product of their environment.

We have recorded increases in self-esteem levels and school attendance.There has also been a noted increase in resiliency and success in the face of adversity. Graduates of our program develop a regard and comfort for members of other races and increased respect for authority figures. Most return to the community to volunteer and serve in various civil or empowerment related roles.

Our organization’s goal is to create positive opportunities for fathers and sons to unite and bond with each other through a vast array of activities which include but are not limited to athletic games,interactive events mentoring sessions and educational programs. Fathers Mentoring Sons is committed to investing in the lives and education of youth through financial support in the form of annual scholarships. Learn more about our scholarships and how you get involved as a volunteer,mentor, or sponsor today. Let’s remain informed, get involved, and stay committed! 

Thomas J. Sills, Founder

Our organization was founded in 2015 after our founder was robbed at gun point by two teenagers in Savannah, GA,